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How Many Words Per Day Should You write? #amwriting

In Episode Nine of Diary of a Mid-List Author, I talk about the competitive sport of comparing how many words per day authors write. Where do you fit in?

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Diary of a Mid-List Author • Critique Groups

Sometimes, stinging criticism is the best kind…if it’s offered early enough and in the right environment. In Episode Eight of Diary of a Mid-List Author, I talk about turning a slam into a win. Enjoy! ~ Suzanne


Diary of a Mid-List Author • Beginner's Folly

Have you ever done things you regret? I certainly have, especially in my writing career. In Episode Seven of Diary of a Mid-List Author, you are welcome to have a chuckle at my expense. I won’t mind, I promise. ~ Suzanne


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In the last episode, I talked about the benefits of signing with a publisher. This week, I detail why I like to publish my own novels. Enjoy! ~ Suzanne

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The Benefits of Publishers •Diary of a Mid-List Author

Should you sign with a publisher or self-publish? In this episode, I’ll talk about the benefits of signing a contract with a reputable publisher. ~ Suzanne




Diary of a Mid-List Author • What Genre Should You Write?

In Episode Two, I talk about genres, which ones are most popular, and mention some good resources for independent authors.


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Diary of a Mid-List Author • Episode One

Over the years, people have come to me for advice about becoming an author. I don’t consider myself a guru or an expert, but I’ve amassed a great many opinions over the last twenty years and I don’t mind sharing!

Diary of a Mid-List Author will focus on topics about the business of writing, based on my own personal experiences. Not everything I’ve tried has been a success, naturally, but I’ve learned a great deal from my failures.

I’m hoping to engage not just writers, but anyone who is interested in taking on a new endeavor. Have a look at my premiere episode, which is short and sweet. My goal is to post a new episode every Friday, so I hope you stay tuned. ~ Suzanne