Does giving away free books devalue your work or does it lead to increased sales? Enjoy Episode Twenty of Diary of a Mid-List Author. ~ Suzanne


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4 thoughts on “TO FREE OR NOT TO FREE”

  1. I don’t think there is an either/or answer to this question. I think it depends on the motive of the author behind the free offer. I recently placed one of my books on free status not to benefit myself as an author, but as a public service to readers who are financially strapped during this worldwide pandemic. Whether or not it benefited me was secondary to my desire to give a few hours of pleasure and/or distraction to hurting people. -Linda Lee Greene, Author & Artist, 5/1/2020


  2. Suzanne, I enjoyed your perspective on free books. The idea of creating a short story/stories book for give away promotion is appealing. I do not like the idea of all the hours/days/months and sometimes years creating our stories being offered for free. A sample, like you illustrated with the bakery slot, makes sense. The only free culture in today’s market is disturbing. But as you mentioned, to each his own on whether to offer free works or not. Thank you for the thought-provoking ideas. Nancy Kay

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Nancy Kay! Personally, I’ve never liked giving away my books. That being said, I’ve been forced to recognize the benefits of it. Free or Not Free is a very tough needle to thread.


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