Dragon Clan of Yden

9781947463028As Jon’s formal magical training begins, his budding romantic attraction to Kira jeopardizes his relationship with Brett. At the same time, the Dragon Clan is bringing the Earth-born children of Yden’s wizards back home. Unfortunately, the Fox Clan has also been recruiting these teen wizards for its own sinister plans. The mysterious Guinn of the Fox Clan is searching for a weapon known as the Portal Key and is more than willing to kill for it. Jon becomes increasingly desperate and reckless in his quest to thwart the Fox Clan, but he discovers—too late—his enemy is closer than he thinks.

What Reviewers are saying:

“I highly recommend…as a must read but I would advise readers to get hold of The Last Wizard of Yden and read that first. A standing ovation for a five star read and a gifted author.” – Ellen Fritz, Books4Tomorrow

It is a solid tale good for children, young adults, and adults alike, readers will find themselves hoping Dorsit shows up at their houses with a clan ring and whisks them off to Yden to see the magical landscape and cool creatures that seem to abound.” Sarah E.B., Ind’Tale Magazine

Dragon Clan of Yden (Book Two in the Yden Trilogy) is available at your favorite bookstore at this universal link.

The paperback version is available HERE.


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