Diary of a Mid-List Author Series

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, this video series is for you.

Episode List

1) Introduction
2) What Genre Should You Write?
3) Can Switching Genres Make a Difference?
4) The Benefits of Having a Publisher
5) The Benefits of Self-Publishing: Editing Process, Content, Covers, Price, Publishing Timeline
6) Money as One Benefit to Self-Publishing
7) The Disaster Surrounding My First Book
8) The Usefulness of Critique Groups
9) How Many Words Should You Write Per Day?
10) BookBub as a Marketing Tool
11) Back Matter as a Marketing Tool
12) The Big Gulf of Indifference
13) Establishing an Author Brand
14) The 20K Word Graveyard
15) Getting Rid of Dialogue Tags
16) Book Trailers as Marketing Tools
17) How to Survive a Bad Review
18) No Good, Terrible, Rotten Adverbs
19) The Despair of Page One
20) To Free or Not to Free
21) Can You Hear Me Now?
22) Who is Who?


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