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Upcoming Release • Rumer Has It

Jocelyn Rumer Conroy’s newspaper column allows her to write gossip about the population of Charleston while avoiding scrutiny of her own family secrets. She’s used to having her own way, but when arrogant and cosmopolitan Piers Wilde is brought into the newspaper, she chafes under his supervision. As they become writing partners in a new agony column, their relationship becomes fraught with tension…and an inconvenient attraction that cannot be denied.

A sweet historical romance set in 1910 Charleston.

I became interested in Charleston, South Carolina when my son began to attend college there. Although the town has changed and grown since it was founded in 1670, due to the War Between the States, a horrific earthquake in 1886, and numerous hurricanes, it has retained a unique sophisticated and cultured charm.

Rumer Has It is set in an era when rapid technological advancements began to shape America into a more modern society. Electricity, automobiles, telephones, silent movies, and the typewriter were becoming common. Hemlines were rising a trifle and the use of cosmetics for young ladies was no longer taboo. Of course, human nature being what it is, gossip was ubiquitous and rumors flew as quickly as a redtailed hawk after a field mouse.

My headstrong heroine, Jocelyn Rumer Conroy, works for a local newspaper as a gossip columnist and in sales. She loves her job…until handsome, arrogant Piers Wilde is hired as the new senior editor. When they become writing partners in an agony column, fireworks ensue.

Rumor has it that a certain lady and a certain gentleman may be falling in love…if they can only stop arguing first.

Rumer Has It will be released on July 28, 2020. Reserve your Kindle copy HERE.