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A Chance of Rayne • #Sale

For the first time, ever, A Chance of Rayne is on sale for $0.99 at Amazon. Although it is part of The Mannequin series, it can be read as a standalone.

Blurb: Although the Harrison daughters look almost like twins, one was born on the right side of the blanket while the other was not. Rayne is tasked with drawing in a suitable husband for her sister, Garnet, but soon discovers her quarry is a kindred spirit from her past. When Rayne refuses to deceive Lord Finch any longer, her father makes good his threat to exile her overseas, to New York City. Although Rayne is determined to survive, she is quickly ensnared in a web of vice.

What Reviewers are saying:

5-Stars: “[A]n absolute pleasure” – Vibliophile (Vine Voice)

5-Stars: “I love stories about a poor, down on her luck girl getting a happy ending.” – Amazon Reader

A Chance of Rayne will only be on sale from Thursday, January 30 through Saturday, February 1st, so don’t wait! Click HERE to download your copy.