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Slings And Arrows on the Yellow Brick Road

Imagine that you are Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, skipping along the Yellow Brick Road on your way to the Emerald City. Suddenly, the Wicked Witch flies in your face and lobs an insult along with, “…and your little dog, too!” She zooms off into the sky before you can retort, of course, because the last thing the Wicked Witch wants is an actual conversation. Her intent is to get you to give up your quest, go back to Munchkinland, and settle for being a big celebrity fish in a small pond.

It wouldn’t be much of a story if Dorothy gave up, would it? Oh, it would be easier to capitulate. She could collapse in the corn field, have herself a good cry, and then slink back the way she came…

You are transported into the scene…

As Dorothy decides to do exactly that, Scarecrow gives her a piercing glance. “What are you doing, Dot? I’d like to get to the Emerald City before nightfall.”

“I’m not good enough to get to the Emerald City.” Dorothy’s lower lip trembled. “And if I keep going, the Wicked Witch will insult me more and insults hurt!”

Scarecrow stood with his arms akimbo. “Seriously? You’re going to let a green woman who consorts with Flying Monkeys stop you from achieving your dreams?”

“But why would she pick on me in particular?” As Dorothy picked up a rotting apple from the field next to her and tossed it, Toto scampered off in pursuit. “I must be some kind of loser.”

Scarecrow sighed as he sank down onto his knees. “You’re new around here so maybe you don’t know, but everyone on the Yellow Brick Road gets harassed.” As he shook his head, a few pieces of straw fell out. “The Powers That Be try to discourage anyone from succeeding except the people on their team.”

“Really?” Dorothy studied him a moment. “That’s not fair.”

“Fair?” Scarecrow rolled his eyes. “No such thing in this universe, friend. You have to know the game and have enough gumption to keep going anyway.”

Dorothy bit her lip. “Mean people stink.”

“That they do, but you have to understand a great many mean people are actually Flying Monkeys in disguise, sent by the Wicked Witch to kick the stuffing out of you.” He stuffed a protruding bit of straw back into his plaid flannel shirt. “I should know. I’ve had the stuffing kicked out of me so many times, I can’t think straight.”

She gave him a grin. “Maybe that’s because you don’t have a brain yet.”

Scarecrow snickered. “You got me on that one.” He stood and reached out his hand. “Come on, fellow traveler. We won’t give up our quest until the credits roll at the end of the movie.”

“All right.” Dorothy allowed him to help her to her ruby slipper-clad feet. “Why are you so brave?”

A sad smile lifted the corners of his lips. “I have nothing to lose, that’s why.”

Her spine straightened. “Neither do I.” Dorothy glanced over her shoulder. “Let’s go, Toto. We’re off to see the wizard!”

The moral of the story is…expect Flying Monkeys to bedevil you as you try to achieve your dream. Find the courage to keep going because the credits haven’t yet rolled.

Music to lift your spirits:

Tubthumbing by Chumbawamba

Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boy Meets Girl

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves

Hold On by Wilson Phillips

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Thunderstruck by AC/DC