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New Year Resolution • Must. Write. Faster

Got Resolutions? It’s that time of year to assess goals and set new ones. Want to hear mine? One of my favorite moments in Jurassic Park is the scene where Jeff Goldblum is sitting in the back of a Jeep, being chased by a T-Rex.

These days, I’m in the back of the Jeep, being chased by a huge bipedal monster telling me I must write faster. Why? My statistics show a distinct drop-off in new release interest at about six weeks. I suppose you could call the hungry carnivore Six Weeks, and I’m the tender morsel behind the keyboard.

Scared kitten

Unfortunately, unless I’m seized with inspiration, the story ideas don’t flow on schedule. Maybe that’s why the creature chasing me is a monster and not an adorable kitten.


Nevertheless, my goal is to write faster this year. I’d like to have an engaging new release every two months. First up (January 29th) is a sequel to Ruse & Romance, entitled Rake & Romance.

Blurb: Juliet’s plans to wed Lord Elbourne come to naught when she discovers he’s obliged to wed an heiress instead. To salvage her dignity, she enters into a ruse with the heiress’s brother, whom she views as a rake. Unfortunately, he’s also the most attractive man she’s ever met.

Cody Gryphon will do anything to see his sister Stephanie wed to Lord Elbourne, including entering into a temporary engagement with her romantic rival. Although he intends to return to Texas as soon as his sister is wed, he finds it increasingly difficult to resist Juliet’s charms.

Can a Texas rake and an English debutante ever have their happily ever after?flourish

Next, onDCOYCOVERSGRFinal4 March 29th, will be the re-release of Children of Yden, with a new cover and title (Dragon Clan of Yden)…but a re-release doesn’t really count, does it?

I’m also working on the third book in the Graceling Hall series, featuring Josie Wilkes and her HEA. After that, I’ll have to see what floats to the top of the pile.

So, my resolution is to tame the beast next year. How about you?

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  ~ Suzanne