A Cause for Celebration

When I first began publishing, every new review meant my books were being noticed and read. Of course, being new meant my reviews numbered in the single digits or, occasionally, a dozen or so. A few of my books still number in the single digits, actually, all these years later.

Some fellow authors of my acquaintance had amassed an unheard of number of reviews in jaw-dropping numbers…eight hundred and more. A sizable number of reviews was a badge of honor in the writing community, and I wanted to earn that badge. Since I was not a New York Times Bestselling Author, how was such a feat to be achieved?

At that time, I learned the most achievable way to get a sizable number of reviews was to advertise with BookBub. My first BookBub feature was for Larken, back in June of 2015. When I applied for the Featured Deal, Larken only had 28 reviews and I was certain it would be rejected. To my shock, it was accepted for a Featured Deal and did very well for me in many ways. Not only did readers leave reviews, but many went on to buy my other books. As of this writing, Larken has 831 ratings on Amazon–a number I could only dream about in 2015.

I’m all about celebrating achievements, small and large. Therefore, I would like to raise my glass in a toast to The Mannequin–the first of my books to have over 1,000 reviews. As of this writing, The Mannequin has earned 1,178 ratings on Amazon.

Thank you to my readers, for sticking with me.

~ Suzanne

8 thoughts on “A Cause for Celebration”

  1. Wow! Well earned accolades from your many fans, new and old! I love BookBub, and as a voracious reader, look forward to my daily notice from BB for deals on books I might like. Fantastic!


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