Road Trips

Are you planning any road trips this summer?

Back in the olden days (the ‘60s), whenever the family took a road trip, my mother would stock up on a bunch of things to amuse the kids.

Comic Books

In addition, I had a supply of favorite paperbacks. The problem was, I would always get carsick when I was reading. In addition, I read too fast, so I always ran out of reading material. You can purchase paperbacks on the road, of course, but a great many of the books are of interest to truckers. The covers don’t necessarily reveal the contents, which is why I ended up purchasing some X-rated books by mistake!

These days, you can download books on ereaders, which is a wonderful thing, especially if you are an avid reader. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to loan your buddy or family member a great read.

In the last few years, audiobooks have also become increasingly available. The wonderful thing about audible literature is that you won’t get carsick from listening and you can’t read too fast. An eight hour book will last you eight hours, which is certainly long enough for a day’s drive or a cross-country flight.

Most of my books are now available in paperback format at Amazon HERE. I usually purchase paperbacks with my Amazon credit card points, so I feel like I’m getting something special for free. I also have many of my books on audio (Audible, Amazon, iTunes (HERE and HERE), with more on the way.

So, if you’re planning to travel this summer, be prepared to be entertained—one way or another.

~ Suzanne

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