Welcome to my newest blog and new brand!

56322Although I’ve been publishing under the author name of S.G. Rogers, I thought I’d pull off the mask and step out into the light as Suzanne G. Rogers. I hope this new name will make it easier for readers to find my own particular brand of sweet historical romance, fantasy, and adventure literature. By 2016, I’ll be posting on this blog exclusively, but for now, feel free to check out my other (former) website HERE.

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~ Suzanne


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my newest blog and new brand!”

  1. I’ve just finished Duke of a gilded age. Excellent! I thought you’d want to be aware of some typos I noticed. I don’t presume to always know what you might intend to say, so if I’ve marked something hat was intentional, I apologize.
    1. But now ladies will now be falling over …
    2. … but he will much occupied on the bridge…
    3. Now that that the matter…


    1. Actually, Kimberly, I’m grateful for your careful eyes! Next time I update the book, which will likely be soon, I’ll fix those typos. Really, it’s much appreciated! 🙂


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