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#FREE Victorian Romance

sgrR&R6x9seriesTo celebrate Friday’s upcoming release of Rake & Romance, I’m giving away copies of Ruse & Romance, the first book in the Beaucroft Girls series. This sweet Victorian romance is free from Wednesday, January 27 through Friday, January 29. Pick up your copy HERE

Blurb: Unjustly labeled a flirt, Kitty Beaucroft is in need of a fiancé. Lord Philip Butler’s father wants him to settle down before he can become a landowner. With no intention of following through, Kitty and Philip enter into a temporary engagement as a means to an end. Unfortunately, someone knows the truth and is determined to expose them. Will the ruse turn into a romance before it’s too late?

At the same time (1/27 – 1/29), I’m giving away copies of my fantasy romance tale, Whimsical Tendencies. Whimsical Tendencies has nothing to do with Victorian romance, but it does need reviews! Even if fantasy isn’t your usual genre, if you enjoy my writing style, why not give it a read?

Blurb: Although she has no memories before the quake that destroyed the kingdom of Augury, Cypher McCall holds a steadfast hatred of the repressive Cauldian regime now ruling the country. Because her magical gifts are deemed subversive, she does her best to avoid detection. Unfortunately for Cypher, however, she’s too beautiful to ignore. After a Cauldian contingent arrives in her hometown, a chance encounter leaves her repulsed by the arrogant Prince Ewan and attracted to his distant cousin, Lord Joss.

When she learns Prince Ewan plans to tear down the ruins of nearby Castle Augur, Cypher vows to stop him. Although handsome Lord Joss tries to protect her from his vindictive cousin, Cypher can’t bring herself to trust the enemy. At the same time, nightmares and dreams nudge her toward reclaiming childhood memories. She stumbles on a silver key that she hopes will unlock her past, but first she must confront a long repressed horror at the Castle Augur ruins.

Will the knowledge of Cypher’s true identity tear her apart or will it empower her to restore everything she ever loved?

Pick up your free copy of Whimsical Tendencies HERE. Happy reading, and if you enjoy it, please consider leaving a few kind words about the story on Amazon.

Excerpt from THE MANNEQUIN

sgrmannequin6x9“Before I introduce you to my grandson, let’s chat for a few moments.” The Dowager Duchess crossed over to a seating arrangement and gestured toward a chair. When they were both comfortable, the duchess continued.

“I asked Mr. Preston if he knew of a girl with courage and indomitable spirit. Are you such a person?”

“I believe so.”

“Yes, you very well may be.” She took a deep breath. “My grandson, the duke, is lost in a very dark prison of his own making. Although I’ve tried everything, I’m completely helpless to reach him.”

“I understand there was a tragic accident?”

“A ferry boat carrying my son and his family capsized en route from Dover to Calais. Most passengers drowned, but among the survivors was my grandson, Aubrey. He lost not only his dear parents, but his beloved younger sister, Elise.”

As she spoke, the woman’s voice cracked, and her eyes filled with tears. Rosamund found her own eyes brimming with tears as well.

“Oh, no. I’m so terribly sorry.”

“Thank you.” The duchess blotted her eyes with a lace-edged handkerchief, and then nodded toward the oil painting hung over the fireplace. “That’s my son and his family, in happier times. It was painted about five years ago.”

Rosamund gazed at the painting of a handsome couple posing with a strapping young man of perhaps sixteen or seventeen, and a pretty little girl around ten years of age. They appeared to be so vibrant and full of life, it was difficult to imagine anything calamitous could have befallen them.

“I haven’t given up hope that Aubrey may go on to live a normal life someday, which is why none of our acquaintances know the extent of his condition,” the duchess said. “If they did, they would think him mad.”

“I’m eager to meet His Grace.”

“He spends his daylight hours in the music room.” She stood. “Come with me.”

The woman’s stiff satin skirts rustled as she walked. Rosamund followed her from the drawing room and down a long hallway until they reached a pair of arched double doors. The duchess put her hand on the doorknob, and paused.

“You’ll be shocked at Aubrey’s appearance. Please don’t let it disturb you.”

“I won’t.”

As the doors swung open, however, Rosamund shivered with apprehension. The velvet curtains had been drawn over the windows, and the darkened room beyond resembled a tomb. The dowager duchess smiled serenely as she escorted the visitor inside.

“Aubrey, dearest, allow me to introduce Miss Ashfield. She’s a neighbor.”
Rosamund could barely discern the outline of a man sitting in a chair, but he neither stirred nor made any response.

“Miss Ashfield, why don’t you and my grandson have a nice long visit? Someone will fetch you in an hour.”

“Y-Yes. Thank you.”

The duchess sailed from the room with her head held high. Rosamund’s eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness, but she nearly tripped over a footstool as she walked further inside.

“Forgive me, Your Grace, but this won’t do. I simply must have a little more light.”

She moved over to a window, opened the curtains, and tucked each fabric panel behind the drapery holdbacks. As illumination flooded the space, she turned back toward the duke.

And recoiled.


Intrigued? The Mannequin is available at Amazon HERE.

#1 Bestseller • The Mannequin

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.53.23 PMThe Mannequin was a featured BookBub deal on December 28th, 2015, and it’s been a #1 Bestseller on Amazon since then. BookBub sent me a follow-up questionnaire, asking how I’ve publicized my bestseller status and it occurred to me I should at least announce it on my blog, right?

I’m so pleased readers have discovered my work. A great many reviewers have drawn comparisons to Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, and The Secret Garden, and indeed, I reference fairy-tales within the work itself. I didn’t start writing the novel with those stories in mind, however. I began writing The Mannequin with the scene in the library, where Rosamund sees a debilitated Aubrey for the first time, and is overwhelmeCatherine_Walters00d by the task of trying to reach him. From there, I let the story unfold.

The latter part of the book was inspired by the courtesan Catherine Walters (“Skittles”), whose wardrobe and trendsetting style drew the avid interest of aristocrats. Understandably, her perfectly tailored riding habits created a demand for the garments, and drew custom (business) to their designers.

I’m especially pleased with the reviews thanking me for writing a book without the overt sexuality and harsh language that’s frequently found in romance books these days. Although there’s certainly a great demand for those often marvelous stories, I made the decision as an author to take a different path. I believe my work is finally beginning to find its market, and I plan to keep writing stories with plucky heroines, dashing heroes, dastardly villains, and a cast of supporting characters who lend warmth and humor.  ~ Suzanne

P.S. YES, I’m thinking about the sequel!

sgrmannequin6x9Blurb: When she was a poor country girl in a hand-me-down dress, Rosamund saved the Duke of Swanhaven from the brink of despair…only to fall in love with him. Now a celebrated mannequin for an exclusive London dressmaker, her glamorous life is empty without the man to whom she gave her heart. Can a beastly duke and a beautiful mannequin ever find a fairy-tale ending?

Available at Amazon HERE


Pre-Order Rake & Romance

RAKE&ROMANCEMy sequel to Ruse & Romance is officially coming soon and is available for pre-order HERE!

Blurb: Juliet’s plans to wed Lord Elbourne come to naught when she discovers he’s obliged to wed an heiress instead. To salvage her dignity, she enters into a ruse with the heiress’s brother, whom she views as a rake. Unfortunately, he’s also the most attractive man she’s ever met.

Cody Gryphon will do anything to see his sister Stephanie wed to Lord Elbourne, including entering into a temporary engagement with her romantic rival. Although he intends to return to Texas as soon as his sister is wed, he finds it increasingly difficult to resist Juliet’s charms.

Can a rake and a debutante ever have their happily ever after?


Rake & Romance will be released on January 29, 2016!



Duke of a Gilded Age • #99cents

DOGAsgrI’m running a one-day (Tuesday, December 15th) sale on my Victorian romance novel, Duke of a Gilded Age. If you like your romance on the sweet side, with a double helping of adventure, this one is for you.

Blurb: When American-born Wesley Parker inherits a dukedom in 1890, he must learn to be an aristocrat. Assigned to the task is his attorney’s daughter, prim Belle Oakhurst. As they travel to England together on a luxurious ocean liner, their tempestuous relationship encounters more than rough seas. Although Wesley is increasingly attracted to Belle, she is already engaged. While Belle begins to regret her hasty promise to marry, she is bound by honor and duty to keep her pledge. Furthermore, a thoughtless fabrication on her part threatens to expose her as a liar. Neither Wesley nor Belle can foresee that their voyage across the Atlantic will be fraught with peril, and will cost more than one man his life.


“The real success comes from the author’s grasp of human desires. Is there really anyone who has not wished they were a princess or duke with wealth and power? Rogers tapped into that common human trait and produced an uncommonly fun and well-written novel.” – Historical Novel Society

Top Pick at The Romance Reviews! “There is unrequited love, really bad fellows to fight, and excellent balls and proposals. It’s a feast,” says TRR reviewer Linda Hays-Gibbs. “I gave it five stars and believe everyone will enjoy this adventuresome tale of escapades and love. It is sure to inspire.”

2014 Readers’ Crown and Reward of Novel Excellence (RONE) Finalist!

Amazon US HERE

Amazon UK HERE