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#free • Ruse & Romance

sgrR&R6x9seriesMy bestselling Victorian romance, Ruse & Romance, is a free Kindle download from Friday, October 21 through Sunday, October 23. Go HERE to get your free copy, and enjoy! ~ Suzanne

Blurb: Unjustly labeled a flirt, Kitty Beaucroft is in need of a fiancé. Lord Philip Butler’s father wants him to settle down before he can become a landowner. With no intention of following through, Kitty and Philip enter into a temporary engagement as a means to an end. Unfortunately, someone knows the truth and is determined to expose them. Will the ruse turn into a romance before it’s too late?

To read a sample of Ruse & Romance, click HERE.


If you enjoyed reading about Kitty Beaucroft, you might like to continue the fun with herRAKE&ROMANCE younger sister, Juliet.

Blurb: Juliet’s plans to wed Lord Elbourne come to naught when she discovers he’s obliged to wed an heiress instead. To salvage her dignity, she enters into a ruse with the heiress’s brother, whom she views as a rake. Unfortunately, he’s also the most attractive man she’s ever met.

Cody Gryphon will do anything to see his sister Stephanie wed to Lord Elbourne, including entering into a temporary engagement with her romantic rival. Although he intends to return to Texas as soon as his sister is wed, he finds it increasingly difficult to resist Juliet’s charms.

Can a rake and a debutante find their happily ever after?

To read a sample of Rake & Romance, click HERE.

#Sale • Duke of a Gilded Age • Sweet Historical Romance


From October 19 to October 21, sweet Victorian romance Duke of a Gilded Age is on sale! If you’re a fan of Francis Hodgson Burnett and Jane Austen or have enjoyed the movie Titanic, this one is for you. ~ Suzanne

Blurb: When American-born Wesley Parker inherits a dukedom in 1890, he must learn to be an aristocrat. Assigned to the task is his attorney’s daughter, prim Belle Oakhurst. As they travel to England together on a luxurious ocean liner, their tempestuous relationship encounters more than rough seas. Although Wesley is increasingly attracted to Belle, she is already engaged. While Belle begins to regret her hasty promise to marry, she is bound by honor and duty to keep her pledge. Furthermore, a thoughtless fabrication on her part threatens to expose her as a liar. Neither Wesley nor Belle can foresee that their voyage across the Atlantic will be fraught with peril, and will cost more than one man his life.


#99cents #sale • Jessamine’s Folly

hourglass-735029Jessamine’s Folly has a countdown deal at Amazon. Now through Monday, October 17th, sweet romance, Edwardian Jessamine’s Folly, is only 99 cents.

“Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.” – Samuel Johnson

Blurb: After her estate is entailed away, Jessamine Foster has no choice but to live with relatives who detest her. When her aunt gives her an ultimatum to leave, Jessamine accepts a position as companionJFcoveridea8  to Lord Kirkendale’s sister—even though she’s been warned her predecessors can’t seem to resist the earl’s exceptional good looks. Can Jessamine manage to hold onto her job without losing her heart?

To honor a promise made to his dying father, Lord Kirkendale agrees to an arranged marriage to a woman he cannot love. Although he is resigned to a life without sentiment, the arrival of his sister’s new companion awakens a slumbering passion. Can he find a way to secure his own happiness without sacrificing his family’s honor, or will his broken promise result in the ruination of the person he loves most?

Read a sample of a hopelessly romantic, blush-free Edwardian-era romance HERE.

The Ice Captain’s Daughter • #Freebie

ICDmockupFrom October 13 through 11: 00 a.m. EST October 15, The Ice Captain’s Daughter is a free Kindle download at Amazon. This sweet, romantic novella, originally released in January of 2013, is the first historical romance I ever wrote.

At its core, the London Season was about marriage, and these marital arrangements were often quite practical in nature.  The royal class often married for money.  Accordingly, wealthy commoners frequently had the desire to marry royalty.  Where the money came from was always critical to society, however. If a girl’s relatives were deemed to be “in trade,” her chances to make a good match might be doomed from the outset.  Essentially, accepting money for work was “trade,” but sometimes hairs were split thin.  For example, a solicitor was in trade, but a barrister was not.  A surgeon was in trade, but a doctor was not. A military captain might be acceptable to society, but what about the captain of a merchant vessel?  Is he in trade or not?  Such is the backdrop for The Ice Captain’s Daughter.

To read a sample, go HERE. Enjoy the freebie! ~ Suzanne

Blurb: The daughter of a wealthy ice merchant, Miss Jillian Roring intends to marry for love. En route to her first season in London, however, a failed kidnapping sends her into the arms of the most jaded bachelor in England. When Logan and Jillian unwittingly violate the rigid rules of propriety in Victorian-era England, he is obliged to make her an offer of marriage. Because she aspires to be more than an obligation, Jillian refuses the match. Logan follows her to London to woo her properly, but his scheming ex-fiancée has other plans.

Can Logan convince Jillian that his love for her is real or will the cruel gossip and sharp tongues of London society tear their budding relationship apart?

A romantic Victorian-era tale set in 1899, England.

The Mannequin Series • Bestsellers!


My two books in the Mannequin series are currently #1 and #2 in the Teen & Young Adult Historical Romance category on Amazon! I’m happy my work is being read and thrilled to share the good news. Thank you! ~ Suzanne


#Freebie • The Mannequin • Sweet Victorian Romance

sgrmannequin6x9Today is my BookBub feature, which is always terrific fun! Pick up a free Kindle copy of The Mannequin Monday, September 12 and Tuesday, September 13. If you enjoy clean and wholesome historical romance with a nod to some popular fairy-tale themes, this one is for you. ~ Suzanne

Blurb: When she was a poor country girl in a hand-me-down dress, Rosamund saved the Duke of Swanhaven from the brink of despair…only to fall in love with him. Now a celebrated mannequin for an exclusive London dressmaker, her glamorous life is empty without the man to whom she gave her heart. Can a beastly duke and a beautiful mannequin ever find a fairy-tale ending?

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#SALE • GRACE UNMASKED • Sweet Victorian Romance


It’s a countdown deal at Amazon! From Monday, August 15th – Friday, August 19th download Grace Unmasked (reg. $3.99) for only $0.99!

Blurb: On the heels of an unjust accusation, Grace flees from her country village to the anonymity of London. Although she intends to seek sanctuary with her cousin Joe Fiddick, she discovers he’s also suffered a setback and needs more help than she can offer. Desperate, she solicits assistance from Joe’s friend–the notorious rake, Lord Henley. Will the price of the handsome baron’s help be more than she’s willing to pay?

Although it’s a standalone, you can start with The Mannequin, which is Book One of the Mannequin series.


Blurb: When she was a poor country girl in a hand-me-down dress, Rosamund saved the Duke of Swanhaven from the brink of despair…only to fall in love with him. Now a celebrated mannequin for an exclusive London dressmaker, her glamorous life is empty without the man to whom she gave her heart. Can a beastly duke and a beautiful mannequin ever find a fairy-tale ending?

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And, as always, you can count on reading a pure, blush-free romance!