The Ice Captain’s Daughter • #Sale

sgrICD6x9The Ice Captain’s Daughter was the first Victorian romance I wrote after years of writing fantasy literature, and the mental shift was immense. I had always been a big fan of classic English literature, however, so I had a passion to succeed. Even so, I had to research every little detail, from hatpins to weaponry. Since this was a time before modern refrigeration was common, I wove in details about the ice trade–thereby furnishing me with the title of the book.

Blurb: The daughter of a wealthy ice merchant, Miss Jillian Roring intends to marry for love. En route to her first season in London, however, a failed kidnapping sends her into the arms of the most jaded bachelor in England. When Logan and Jillian unwittingly violate the rigid rules of propriety in Victorian-era England, he is obliged to make her an offer of marriage. Because she aspires to be more than an obligation, Jillian refuses the match. Logan follows her to London to woo her properly, but his scheming ex-fiancée has other plans.

Can Logan convince Jillian that his love for her is real or will the cruel gossip and sharp tongues of London society tear their budding relationship apart?

A romantic Victorian-era tale set in 1899, England.

The Ice Captain’s Daughter is on sale this week, marked down from $2.99 to $0.99 (US & UK only).  (Sale ends Sunday, September 24th)

The Ice Captain’s Daughter is also available as an audiobook HERE

Sweet historical romance, London Season


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