New Look • Second Edition • Jessamine’s Folly

JFcoveridea8Everyone needs a new look now and again! Please allow me to introduce my revised edition of Jessamine’s Folly, with a brand new cover. The story remains the same in its essentials, but I also added twenty pages of new material.

Blurb: After her estate is entailed away, Jessamine Foster has no choice but to live with relatives who detest her. When her aunt gives her an ultimatum to leave, Jessamine accepts a position as companion to Lord Kirkendale’s sister—even though she’s been warned her predecessors can’t seem to resist the earl’s exceptional good looks. Can Jessamine manage to hold onto her job without losing her heart?

To honor a promise made to his dying father, Lord Kirkendale agrees to an arranged marriage to a woman he cannot love. Although he is resigned to a life without sentiment, the arrival of his sister’s new companion awakens a slumbering passion. Can he find a way to secure his own happiness without sacrificing his family’s honor, or will his broken promise result in the ruination of the person he loves most?

Jessamine’s Folly is a sweet Edwardian romance, with many twists to keep the pages turning! Although this revised edition is longer, the price remains $0.99. Go HERE to read a sample, and to buy a copy if you like what you see.


2 thoughts on “New Look • Second Edition • Jessamine’s Folly”

  1. Loved this book imencely! The twists and turns were intrigue! Love the British Victorian and Edwardian era. Great read, looking forward to reading more of your books.


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