Duke of a Gilded Age • #99cents

DOGAsgrI’m running a one-day (Tuesday, December 15th) sale on my Victorian romance novel, Duke of a Gilded Age. If you like your romance on the sweet side, with a double helping of adventure, this one is for you.

Blurb: When American-born Wesley Parker inherits a dukedom in 1890, he must learn to be an aristocrat. Assigned to the task is his attorney’s daughter, prim Belle Oakhurst. As they travel to England together on a luxurious ocean liner, their tempestuous relationship encounters more than rough seas. Although Wesley is increasingly attracted to Belle, she is already engaged. While Belle begins to regret her hasty promise to marry, she is bound by honor and duty to keep her pledge. Furthermore, a thoughtless fabrication on her part threatens to expose her as a liar. Neither Wesley nor Belle can foresee that their voyage across the Atlantic will be fraught with peril, and will cost more than one man his life.


“The real success comes from the author’s grasp of human desires. Is there really anyone who has not wished they were a princess or duke with wealth and power? Rogers tapped into that common human trait and produced an uncommonly fun and well-written novel.” – Historical Novel Society

Top Pick at The Romance Reviews! “There is unrequited love, really bad fellows to fight, and excellent balls and proposals. It’s a feast,” says TRR reviewer Linda Hays-Gibbs. “I gave it five stars and believe everyone will enjoy this adventuresome tale of escapades and love. It is sure to inspire.”

2014 Readers’ Crown and Reward of Novel Excellence (RONE) Finalist!

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